Dec 27, 2013

the final frontier...

the big white in kelowna, bc, canada has a summit of approximately 2319 meters and boasts an annual snowfall of 750cm. as one of the snowiest in canada, this glorious spot has been our home for the past few nights.

going on two nose bleeds, kurt with a twisted ankle and both of us equally as sore and windburned as possible, we could only be doing one thing - snowboarding! we are currently day six into our 12 day snow stint and have had not one but two full powder days. its heavenly.

with our family in toe, we have boarded for the past six days and can brag that we have seen snow every single day. we have the loved up taz and cody, who are currently in the final stages of their seven week honeymoon along with little wombat (libby) and mum and dad, who today ventured out for their first taste of powder.

a shot of the big white village

a semi-sunset (the closest they get in winter)

sibling love

beanies for days


snowshoe sams

libby and our snowman 

the newly-weds

yours truly (building a snowman is so much harder than it looks - this took us two hours…)

a view off one of the runs