Dec 23, 2013

some travel snaps from the road...

the past few days have been a whirl wind of planes, disrupted sleep, wines and foreign currency as we went from brisbane to auckland and los angeles to kelowna. our final day (last wednesday) was a crazy mish-mash of getting things ready, saying goodbye to family members and organising as much as possible. we are having a snowy holiday before heading off to travel central america, so it was almost as if we were only preparing ourselves for the holiday module of the trip.

we are now at the big white in canada and have been out on the slopes all day and i am already black and blue. after chatting to a few staff members today, we were advised that big white has the most snow of any resort in the northern hemisphere region of usa and canada, with a white christmas certainly on the cards. not to shabby.

me with my amazing travelary

packing three months into three small bags

dining on rodeo drive

our idyllic living room at the big white

happy 25th birthday gorgeous taryn, my beautiful baby sister