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this blog came about in 2010 when my boyfriend and i opted for one way tickets to bali in the hope of making it for six months around asia on $50AUD per day. well... we made it to ten countries in that time and loved every single minute of it.

we are currently in australia…

do you have an idea, brand or product you think might suit us, this blog or our journey? then please email me at jameedoherty@hotmail.com and i would love to hear from you.
some of the sites/brands we have worked with: triplogic, travelary

jamee – a beauty, fashion and lifestyle marketing and pr maverick who has worked for the likes of grazia magazine, billabong and boutique skincare company alpha-h. qualified with a bachelor in communications majoring in pr and journalism – loves writing! travel has always been a passion ever since i was a child. from family holidays to overseas get aways with friends, i have always had a desire to see the world and experience everything the globe has to offer. i love writing, photography, cooking, wine and delving into the pages of glossy fashion magazines.

in a freelance capacity, i contribute to numerous websites such as lorna jane's move nourish believe and write for the gc guide on the village markets website. please contact me for further information on my freelance rates. 
kurt – a thrill seeker and adrenalin junky. lover of nature, fishing, surfing, bonsai and adventure kurt is always throwing something interesting into the mix. he is the money man on our travels, as he is able to grasp currencies a lot better than me. a qualified builder by trade, kurt currently swings off buildings to make a living, as an industrial abseilier (always living on the edge).
we are an unusal pair of lovebirds. we are highschool sweethearts who have been together since 2003. having lived on the gold coast for most of our lives, we are ready to begin a new adventure. our lives are still young and our journey is just beginning. i hope that you enjoy following our travels – who knows where we will end up?
all the photos are taken by me, expect where referenced and linked to the appropriate site/person.

contact – jameedoherty@hotmail.com
you can also find me on tumblr ‘flythecoopblog‘or ‘jameedoherty
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