Jan 4, 2014

mexico moves to its own rhythm…

heat. humidity. heartbeat.  mexico is a hive of activity. we are only three days in and are already in love with this place. it is everything you picture. turquoise water,  cheap cocktails,  palm trees swaying in the breeze, charming bright colored houses, scrumptious fresh seafood and mariachi music gently playing in the background.

to date the english/spanish language barrier has been the only minor glitch, with us having to explain ourselves three or four times before we are understood, but believe you me – we are practicing our spanish skills and will be able to speak española pronto.

having spent a delightful evening on isla mujeres (island of woman) before heading to isla holbox (paradise), the two and a half hour drive from cancun up to chiquila was an interesting one, highlighting the deep roots of christianity (the most prevent subject being roman catholic) within this culture.

it has a similar vibe to some of the countries we have visited in asia, with entire families living in a single compound, chickens running free along the dusty streets and roadside stall vendors hawking local delicacies such as corn on the cob, quesadillas and ceviche.

pics. a mixture from the streets of isla holbox.

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