Oct 31, 2013

where have we been exactly...

i am aware that i am bleating on about this upcoming trip like a lot and it’s still a whopping 49 days away but it has had me really think about all the amazing places that we have been privileged enough to visit thus far in our short lives.

while some of these trips have been documented on this blog, a lot of them were before i started fly the coop. between both kurt and i, we have seen some amazing spots throughout the south pacific and south east asia region and i cannot wait to navigate our way through canada, north america and central america.
i don’t have one favorite place that standouts out as a front runner as all the countries we have seen and experienced have all offered us something so different. 

fiji truly is the land of smiles. new zealand really is an amazing and untouched natural beauty. Thailand is fun, exhilarating and mischievous while Vietnam is foodie heaven.  

i will endeavor to research some coding/embedding techniques to make this bloody map interactive and link to all the applicable places, but until then – where is your favorite place to visit or are you a fence sitter like me? 
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