Oct 28, 2013

delving into the lives of others…

sometimes normality can be a little boring, especially if you are like me and are on countdown until your next big adventure. every day seems like a drag… the closer it gets – the days seem to drag. work used to be fun and tolerable, but as the thought of sipping a cold pina colada on the sand in tulum gets closer to being a reality, it is sometimes easier to tune out and look at the exciting lives of others to get you through the day.

here i have detailed a few of my daily go-to’s and the various reasons as to why they are applicable to me at the moment.

alex and taru are sailing around the globe on a gorgeous yacht. i have been following their journey for the past two years and eagerly watching their progress.  while the lovely duende (a 43' Halsey Herreshoff) is currently moored in the usa for the winter, this pair are on an enchanting journey that is hopefully not in the too distant future for kurt and i. many of you are not aware that we have spent the last two years renovating our house, which has most recently gone under contract. yay for us! this is significant because we are in the process of freeing up our lives, disposing of the materialistic assets that many believe make the world go round and are heading off to see the world. our chosen mode of transport will hopefully be a yacht. when we hit the usa in march our main purpose will be looking to purchase a yacht with all the trimmings, ready for us to set sail. world tour stories is written by taru who is able to make the most mammoth of tasks, seem simple. keeping calm while sailing in 20-30 knot winds, staying uber fit and bikini-clad as well as prepare some delightful cuisine in a tiny kitchen. a challenge if i have ever seen one.

ah the lovely pippa. this melbourne born, new york based, amazing website creator literally has a site that ticks all of my boxes. featured are delightful recipes, must have bits of furniture, inspiring photography of travel destinations and the likes, hints and tips on organisation and even a segment called male monday, which is a q and a with a really artsy-creative type (usually quite cute). this is a fantastic site to peruse while enjoying a gorgeous pinot noir (or three) in hand on a lazy afternoon when you want to look through those rose-coloured glasses at the pretty lives of others. eye candy!

to. die. for. mimi lives one of those idyllic lives. you know the one every girl dreams of. to marry a romantic frenchman that’s an amazingly talented photographer, get whisked away to live in the french countryside in a way to clichĂ© chateau, drink too much french wine and eat too much fine french food all the while, staying amazingly thin. not to mention that she is a mother, food blogger and keeper of 14 dogs. having lived all around the world mimi creates amazing dishes and tells the story of why she chose to cook that particular item. say for arguments-sake that she had been to the local farmers markets and purchased a few crates of fresh strawberries, then her recipes would be purely based on what is seasonal and locally sourced – you get my drift. its gorgeous and i have tired come of the recipes and they are just grand.