Nov 3, 2013

is research the key to a happy traveller...

i believe so. while kurt is a bit of a “fly by the seat of my pants” type traveller, i am more of a planner control freak and organiser. this could be due to the fact that i am a virgo and need to be in-the-know to be completely at ease. i will admit that when i am in the full swing of travel that i let this lapse a little and adopt the “if it’s meant to be, its meant to be” notion. but these are some sites i like to scour over before heading off o/s.

run by the chaps at lonely planet, this is a great forums for travel information, advice, hints and tips. there would have to be a thread on literally every single travel topic under the sun so this is a fantastic starting point if you have any queries on concerns from changing money and the airport, to hiring drivers to hotel recommendations.

operated by the australian government, this site lists all the nitty gritty, country by country. it is a fantastic tool if there are issues currently plaguing your destination. for instance, we referenced it quite a lot when we were heading to thailand in 2010 as there was mass unrest due to the thai political crises (yellow shirts vs red shirt). it was also very important when we were off to burma for visa application purposes as well as consulate information.

i was put onto this site through a friend. it is one of those hideous travel sites, but you can genuinely find some amazing bargains on flights, hotels, hire cars and local restaurants. this site typically works best when you are travelling within three months of perusing the site, as they don’t work too far in advance and often a lot of the deals are last minute.

this site is a great start when you are looking at a destination and want an overview of hotels, cities and restaurants.  a fantastic starting point if you want to stay in hotels that are not included in the travel guides or want to see a list of the 2013 best beach resorts. its glossy eye candy, and definitely worth a look.

kurt is the money man when we are flying the coop. this is a great site to check out if you need to get your head around currency conversion. it lists the worlds currencies and enables you to compare your native coin to the one used in the country you’re headed to. of course you must remember that these are market rates and when you visit a bank or currency changer, the rate will usually be marginally different. 

note. two happy travellers back in 2010. i had to ensure that i was dressed appropriately and culturally sensitive to my amazing surroundings – research is the key to enjoying some of the world wonders.