Mar 5, 2013

hot and humid in bali...

bali is balmy to say the least. it is currently the wet season and while we can vouch for that, the days are still sunny enough to get burnt. it pours down around 7pm most evenings for about an hour, but apart from that, its clear skies. it does seem to be a little quieter than usual, which is fantastic for us as there is less traffic.

yesterday we rented a motorbike and headed to sanur after breakfast, which was a mission to say the least. we got pulled over by two police officers on the way there, and two on the way home. all wanting money for "infringements"... we only paid one of them 50,000 rupiah before telling the rest of them to bugger off. once we did finally arrive at our destination, we rented some sun loungers and while kurt was hanging ten, i sunbaked and enjoyed some lime juices. delicious.

yesterday was kurts birthday so we did alot of eating. we headed to the beach for sunset beers and then out for dinner before after dinner drinks. i will be doing a separate dining post as well as accommodation post, so you all know exactly where we eat and stay, as per some requests from loyal followers.

today is a little overcast so we are going to use today to get a rental car, change some money and go and see a tailor before sophie and peter join us tomorrow. happy reading peeps. we will have a few bintangs for you.

pics. villa kresna (where we stay in seminyak), sunset on seminyak beach, lime juice at sanur and tapas for kurts birthday at delicious onion.