Mar 9, 2013

life in amed...

life in amed is certainly slow and we were told reminiscent of bali 30 years ago, think bali in the 70's. no motorbikes, mobile phones or high-rises lining the beaches. shadowed by a ring of active volcanoes, this bustling fishing village has everything. scuba diving, fishing, amazing food, suckling pig, views for days and great people.

every local has a huge smile painted across their face and i believe that is because they are living life how they have for the past 50 years, tourism or not. you can come across staff in the likes of legian or seminyak who are a little resentful that their beautiful island is now overcome by tourists and they are losing their beautiful coastline left, right and centre to western resorts. not here, not in amed.

we have managed to do a spot of fishing and friends of ours will know that kurt has been dying to catch a mahi mahi, well... forever and yesterday morning bright and early we headed out on a local jukung boat with a local fisherman and did just that. as we watched the sunrise over lombok, we trolled and successfully caught a lovely sized fish.

the entire scene reminded me of the calm waters in life of pi, it was spectacular. my lovely bf was so excited that he got up again this morning at 4am however came back soon after as there was a storm lingering off the coast, needless to say, he is snoring next to me while i am updating this post.

yesterday we did a spot of snorkelling. we were told before coming that the only way to reach the japanese shipwreck amed is famous for, was by boat and scuba, however we were able to practically drive right up to it. it was a beautiful spot with so many different varieties of fish we literally didnt know where to look. the coral wasnt as great as the perhentian islands in malaysia, but the aquatic life certainly made up for it.

well friends we have now been in amed for 3 glorious days have have decided to head to ubud an evening early. we were not as thrilled with our accommodation here in amed as what we had hoped, but i will fill you in on that at a later date. breakfast is calling and kurt is still snoring!

pics. local fishing boat on the sand while a storm rolls in, selling gold fish off a scooter (mum you need some new ones), the drive to amed from sanur, sunrise when out fishing, the mountains in amed, life of pi raft, kurts catch of the day and wayan our local fisherman guru.