Mar 3, 2013

not happy rhonda...

well... it was certainly not the best start to our holiday! i have limited myself to a paragraph of nagging before getting positive.

scoot airlines. never again. (except for the return flight we have already paid for). rain that apparently inhibits a planes ability to touch down on a run way. buses, delays and diversions for seven hours before boarding and missing our connecting flight in singapore. overnight stay and arriving at our final destination around 13 hours after our eta. missed nights accom in bali. over it. 

we are hoping our travel insurance will come though. 

we are now here and enjoying the humidity that literally leaves one breathless. we are a little jetlagged and ready for an early night but still managed to enjoyed a few nice cold bintangs on the beach. 

p.s. we had a driver called ketut and it took all my might not to quote the wonderful aami ads, "kiss me ketut" and "you look so hot today rhonda". things are looking up instantaneously. 

pic. first bintang on the beach with local soccor game as entertainment. couldnt get much better.