Feb 2, 2014

a change of plans...

ok so the past few days have been somewhat crazy. this is how the past 48 hours have looked like for us.


6am - depart san cristobal for guatemala
8am - stop van, guatemala border is closed, not safe to cross combined with a mass strike, don't know when it will reopen
10am - return to san cristobal
1015am - eat breakfast while stranded and homeless in san cristobal
11am - flip a coin to decide if we should stay in san cristobal and wait until the border to guatemala reopens or catch a bus to chetumal (on the opposite side of mexico) to try and get into belize
1101am - chetumal it is
1215pm - depart san cristobal for chetumal


230am - arrive in chetumal after our 11 hour bus ride turns into a 13.5 hour one (this is now an ordeal)
235am - try and find a taxi while over it...
245am - arrive in hotel
330am - bed
10am - try to purchase ferry tickets from chetumal to san pedro, no tickets left
1030am - evaluate our options at hotel, bus to belize city, bus to corozal, go back to the ferry office later  to try and get on the ferry…
230pm - can't get onto ferry
235pm - decide to taxi to the border, cross into belize, catch a taxi to the corozal airport with a stranded swiss and a stranded german who also couldn't get ferry tickets
530pm - flight corozal for san pedro
6pm - arrive san pedro
610pm - taxi and mad rush to dock to try and catch the ferry we tried to catch back in chetumal to caye caulker
615pm - jump on ferry literally as its leaving the dock
7pm - arrive caye chaulker, walk around to try and find a room for the next few nights
830pm - eating grilled lobster with coconut lime rice and sipping cold beers
10pm - bed

and not to mention one important detail of this whole thing, kurt has the "man flu". so ladies, you know that all this madness is amplified by ten because the "male flu" is the worst illness on the planet.