Feb 5, 2014

a breath of fresh air in belize...

after an incredibly tiring journey across countries to get to belize, we decided it was well worth the trek. from the moment we crossed from mexico, we were greeted with welcoming waves and warm hello's. one fantastic thing about belize is that its an english speaking country, so our brains were able to take a little vacay and put the spanish on the back burner for a bit.

after flying to san pedro and jumping on the ferry to cay caulker, we spent a glorious few days sipping cold beers on the caribbean. it really was the tropical island getaway we had hoped isla holbox was going to be, but unfortunately for us the weather made it impossible.

the locals on caye caulker are a friendly bunch and most people you pass on the sandy street will greet you in some form. weather it be a hello man, hows it goin' girl, you are under no obligation on your vacation or stop and read my signs - i love it when people read my signs, and think jamaican accent to the maximum. all the while, bob marley is playing gently in the background, dreadlocks are the hairstyle of choice and palm trees are swaying in the breeze.

kurt was able to go fishing for bonefish (something he ticked off his bucket list) and i was able to eat lobster until my heart was content, just two weeks before the season comes to a close. this all makes for happy travellers. belize will definitely be on our list of spots to visit again.

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