Jul 12, 2013

central america here we come...

well peeps our flights are booked and we are roughly planning our itinerary. while it may seem a little far out to be booking things now, we don’t want to pay the higher prices at peak time so a little forward thought is sometimes needed. This is roughly want it looks like thus far, please feel free to make some suggestions if you have been somewhere that we have to see!
december 19, 2013 -  brisbane - los angeles, los angeles - kelowna (b.c canada) 
12 days snowboarding at the big white
january 1, 2014 - kelowna - cancun
6 days on isla holbox
4 days in tulum
january 10 -  cancun - havana (cuba) 
7 days exploring havana and the exoctic cuba
january 16 - havana - mexico city
4 days in mexico city
3 days in san cristobal de las casas
3 days in san miguel
january 28 - mexico city - costa rica 
2 days san jose
2 days tortuguero
3 days arenal
3 days nicoya peninsula 
february 9 - san jose - bocas del toro (panama) 
4 days bocas del toro
2 days in panama city
7 days in san blas archipelago 
february 21 - panama city - british virgin islands 
12 days sailing a yacht around the british virgin islands 
march 5 - british virgin islands - miami
4 days in miami
march 9 - miami - new york
7 days in new york
march 16 - new york - san fransisco
4 days in san fransisco
march 20 - san fransico - los angeles
3 days in los angeles
march 23 - los angeles - brisbane 
please let me know if you have any thoughts on places to stay, things to add or delete or if you have been to any of these places. i am basing this on a lonely planet guide and lots of internet research. happy travels.