Apr 7, 2013

dodging dingos on fraser island...

this year we were invited by my sister and her fiance (there you go cod's) to go camping on fraser island for the 4 day easter long weekend. now while i am a backpacker at heart, camping is not really my thing, glamping (glamorous camping) is probably more so up my alley... so when the invitation popped up i was a little unsure if it really was the best choice for a nice, relaxing break. kurt promptly jumped on the band-wagon and before i knew it, i was making camping checklists and packing chilli-bins or eskys as you australians like to call it...

after a 530am mission to the car ferry, we were four wheel driving along a dirt road and navigating the best camp spot and decided on that the famous eli creek (and toilets) was the place to be. it wasnt discussed early on in the piece that we would be digging wholes instead of using toilets, but sometimes we need to take these things in our stride... so someone hand me a shovel.

a little wary of the dingo situation at first after being warned by rangers within 30 minutes of arriving and setting up camp, i was secretly crossing my fingers that we didnt accidently cross paths with one. we did however forgot to put the rubbish away one evening, only to wake with it literally scattered all around the campsite and dog footprints the only incriminating evidence that there was some nocturnal activity while we were sleeping soundly.

we set up an amazing campsite around 50m from the beach and just behind a wee sand dune, to protect us from the wind. now i dont want to go into to much boring detail but the weekend was a hit. we all had an amazing time. fraser island is a big tick and we hope to go back again at the start of spring this year.

pics. fraser island pristine coastline and beach, our ride (nissan navara 4wd), the boys making the most of the wind and flying their kites, our camp site and colourful dining tent, candle lit tent by night, moon rising over the ocean, day trip to lake mckenzie, eli creek and our sweet bbq get-up, j and k enjoying a few ciders, beach badminton, our "crabby" neighbour and kurt watching the sunset while watching an offshore sailing race.