Mar 20, 2013

segways in singapore...

for those of you who know me, or those of you loyal readers who will recall this horriffic crash, you know that i am a little uncoordinated. needless to say that when we stopped over in singapore the past weekend en route home from bali and kurt suggested that we take a segway tour around sentosa, i was a little reluctant. after ten minutes of "training" and watching a safety video, when headed out onto a shared road along the coast line of sentosa, which actually ended up being lovely. i was sweating my butt off the whole time, worried that i was going to take out a mother with a pram or crash into a parked car, which has happened before, but luckily for me, i was fine and some other idiot in our group high-tailed it over the handle bars! thank god it wasnt me - thats all im saying.

singapore is probably one of our favourite cities and im not really sure why. this time we stayed in chinatown which was nice. our hostel was brand new and overlooked the main area, so it was great to stay in the heartbeat, not to mention the bloody amazing steamed buns and dim sum right at our door step. we did the usual orchard road shopping stint and a few meals at clarke quay and enjoyed an amazing dinner in little india. the two days kind-of melted into one but we are so glad we stopped over.

if you are looking for some places in singapore to eat, apart from hawker centres and food courts, these are some of our favourite spots. mustard in little india, real food grocer in clarke quay, the singapore heritage chinese restaurant in china town and if you are looking for a choice breakfast instead of the usual hotel buffet, swiss bake at centrepoint is a safe bet.

i am still planning on uploading our spots to eat and stay in bali, so stay tuned for more deets.

pics. a mix of happy snaps from singapore.