Mar 16, 2013

bye bye bali...

well our last three days and two nights in seminyak felt like a few hours. after a manic return in our suzy to the bali yarravillas, we were able to kick back and relax. with kp feeling like he had had a few to many bintangs over the past week or so, i was left to take the helm while he opted for banana milkshakes.

this trip to bali has been alot more chilled than our past few and we barely had time to do any shopping. as we do so often, we touch down with a million plans of what we want to do, where we want to eat and what we want to see and it all goes out the window within an hour or so. but this time i did stick to my walking along the beach in the mornings before breakfast, when i could. the first time i went i spied some very interesting things such as an australian woman doing zumba in a sarong up to her knees in the surf as well as a few muslim women in full burka's trying to jog... an interesting sight indeed. one day i dragged kurt along, which i regretted later on... dont ask why.

we ate at some amazing places and met some fabulous new peeps, as well as reconnected with some old lovelies. i will update this blog again very soon with some great places to stuff your faces as well as some places you may like to stay, if you feel so inclined. otherwise, here at some sneaky snaps to entice you to visit bali asap.

pics. a bucket of bintangs keeps the blues away, me enjoying the pool at villa manis, the garden balcony at villa manis, the sun rising over the ocean at amed, kurt taking pictures of himself, white sand beach west bali, a warning for the surf bathers and our candle lit evening on nyepi.