Nov 22, 2010

the perfect location to end our cambodian adventure...

today will mark the fifth day spent lazing around cambodia's premiere beach resort, sihanoukville. the laid back - easy going vibe of this little town tempted us into staying a few more days. i must say that this break is just what the doctor ordered. there really is little to do during the day other than take in an island hopping tour, swim and frolic in the sun and visit near by villages. the evenings are spent enjoying ice cold beers for 50 cents or two for one cocktails before gorging on a fresh seafood for dinner. we have also become dangerously addicted to the homemade desserts here; the favorite being chocolate coconut cake with coconut ice cream.

the past few days have seen us hire a scooter and visit otres beach, an almost deserted stretch of white sand and ocean with seafood stalls dotted occasionally along the shore. we did an overnight trip to neighboring kampot and feasted on the dish that put this little fishing town on the tourist trail: fried mud crab with sprigs of kampot pepper (insanely yummy). tonight will be spent taking in a film at the local open air cinema. attention ladies: eat pray love has finally arrived in cambodia and im crossing my fingers (and toes) that its a proper version of the movie, not a tacky and terrible pirated version...

tomorrow we head to yet another fabulous beach destination, vietnam's phu quoc island. stay posted for some possible holiday ideas if your in need of a cheap and culturally charged holiday in the sun; suggestions, hints and tips coming your way.

pics. sihanoukville beach, early morning swim, relaxing setting at serendipity beach, sihanoukville restaurant strip, a kampot resturant,kampot pepper crab, how we backpackers travel in asia - jammed into mini vans, how asians transport their meat in aisa, kurt chilling at serendipity, a nice cold ankor on the beach and serendipity cove at sunset.

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