Nov 25, 2010

cambodian contemplation...

well what can i say about cambodia? we didnt stay as long as we would have liked, but we crammed alot into the ten days we were there. cambodia is a beautiful country with green rice fields and rolling green hills, its also a very poor country. apart from burma, cambodia is the second place where the poverty is just everywhere you look. a great place to visit if your in this neck of the woods.

the great aspects:

1. the afternoon storms and the evening rain that bucketed down was not only great when enjoying it from a nice dry cafe, but refreshing and a nice reprieve from the heat

2. the khmer food was delicious - every local meal we had was tantalising (a far cry from that of the traditional lao food that lacked the intricate elements of the khmer dishes)

3. the khmer people we met were all delightful, hospitable and only to willing to help with anything we needed

4. our first ocean swim in over two months was amazing, as was the setting - relaxed in wicker chairs on the beach with a seafood lunch and ice cold ankor beers

5. visiting ankor wat and the surrounding temples. i cant put into words how special it was and its something i recommend if you ever have the chance

6. the quaint little cinema we went to in sihanoukville is worth a mention: for two dollars fifty we had the cinema to ourselves which came with drinks and snacks, day beds, insanely comfortable wicker chairs, pillows and foot stools - what more could you ask for?

7. women wearing pj's all day long. in previous countries we have seen the occasional family matriarch wearing matching pj's and bossing children and husbands around but in cambodia, females big and small, are embracing wearing their pj's all day long - in a huge way. its a bit of a trip.

the not so great aspects:

1. cambodian travel companies and their buses are notorious for running late, not showing up, delivering you to the wrong destinations and breaking down. if you have the chance to fly in cambodia i would defiantly do that rather than waste time with unreliable buses

2. with the rai,n came the mud. need i say more?

3. rubbish. rubbish. everywhere. literally everywhere you look. i have never seen a country with so much garbage. it was a real let down

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