Apr 4, 2014

back home - for now at least...

we are now back on the sunny gold coast loyal followers and just in time for kurts favorite time of the year. autumn or fall for you yanks. the mornings are crisp, the sunrises breathtaking with the warmth of the days still very much enjoyable. while we are not enjoying the monotony of being back at work (blah...), we are enjoying the creature comforts of home. i.e. glorious hot showers, our own bed, cooking and new clothes to rotate.  we know this will be short-lived however and are already talking about booking tickets to somewhere new and exotic. there seem to be a lot of amazing deals on flights at the moment so who knows where we will end up. since we are back on the coast, i am going to start detailing some of our ‘closer to home’ adventures. so keep on checking in.

on a separate note, flythecoop is up for one of the peoples choice awards for australia’s best blogs 2014 so i urge you, if you are so inclined, to vote for us. i have taken the liberty of adding the details below so you can click on through. voting closes on may fifth - so head on over now.