Feb 13, 2014

zigzagging through central america...

after four full days of travel we have finally stopped to smell the hibiscus flowers. we did the almost impossible. we crossed three countries in one day. yes - three. el salvador, honduras and nicaragua. after an insane drive (all taxi drivers, bus drivers and just general motorists in central america think they are racing car drivers so its maximum full throttle and friggin scary) we finally arrived to leon in nicaragua. then to granada and now in costa rica. after looking at a map today to see what ground we have covered, i noticed that we have certainly zigzagged from coast to coast. here are some travel snaps from the road, including a few from flores that were taken on our trip from belize to el salvador. sorry to the dodgy map (btw) but guatever… we are now in the jungle in tortuguero hoping to spot some amazing wildlife. we will keep you posted. 

flores, guatemala

border crossing, honduras

leon, nicaragua

granada, nicaragua 

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