Jan 22, 2014

cray cray mexico city...

the haze of mexico city is vast. as one of the largest cities in the world, it is a real spectacle flying into this place. its a place where you have a sensory overload. the colours, smells, sights and sounds are all enough to make you go a little loco. after arriving from cuba, in a cruisy state, mexico city was enough to turn our relaxed demeanour on its head.

we arrived to our gorgeous hotel, to find out i had stupidly booked us in for the 18th of march, not the 18th of january - never the less the team at the red tree house accommodated us and we really had an amazing time. the people we met and the staff at this place made venturing out into the chaotic city of a day a little more manageable. knowing we were coming home to a warm and welcoming spot each night, with hosted wine hours and amazing guests to deconstruct the days with made our three days in mexico city truly unforgettable.

what did we do in mexico city? we walked. a lot. our first day was spent meandering the streets of condessa and the amazing chapultepec park aka the "central park" of mexico city, which is home to many museums, a zoo and so much more. our second day comprised of a walking tour of the city, which was well worth every peso we spent on it. we visited markets, cathedrals, architectural gems and landmarks. we ate gourmet street food and learnt about the history of this neurotic place, dating back to the aztecs before the spanish invasion.

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