Dec 2, 2013

get a little techy...

are you one of those travelers constantly looking for the best travel guides? while i will admit that i love to carry around my lp guide for convenience, i often find myself trolling the net for anything else that may be of assistance. in this digital age we live in, apps seem to be all the rage so i thought i would share with you some of my go-to apps for research, hints and tips. let me know what you think or if there is some amazing app i have to download!

not for tourist guides - the nft guides are city guides that list those things you ordinarily wouldn't find out about as a tourist. listing some of the worlds most exciting cities, you can find restaurant, market, shop and bar recommendations that are a little off the tourist trail. if you are looking for a hard copy, these are great pocket sized guides, but the apps do the same trick.

goop - if you want to travel, stay and dine where the rich and famous do, goop city guides are the best for you. penned by the lovely gwyneth paltrow, these guides are great if you have some money to burn. not only do they look cute as a button, they have some great insiders tips.

yeity travel guide - a simply yet punchy little guide book that's easy to access when abroad. quirky and a little different, this virtual guide book is one of my go-to's so quick information on a specific destination. the great thing about this guide is that real travelers are able to submit articles to be whipped up into destination guides so you are getting first hand info from those on the ground. 

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