Nov 21, 2013

is travel just a crazy dream…

“do not follow where the path may lead. go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – ralph waldo emerson

when we told our nearest and dearest a few months ago that we were heading off, yet again, on another adventure, we were met with blank faces and sentences that went along the lines of “haven’t you already done that” and/or “what about your job”. yes - was the answer to the first question, yes we have been on one adventure. to one continent. we put our lives on hold for six months and got out into the world. but what about the rest of the world. what about the colours of india, the beat of brazil, an african safari or the lapping waves of the south pacific? who cares - was the answer to the second question. there is always another job out there, we live in a world full of opportunities.

but the weird thing was, we were yet to tell those closest to us that this three month adventure was only the beginning. you see kurt is a beautiful dreamer. i literally tell him on a daily basis to write down his inventions or dreams because one day they could either make us a bucket of cash, or be the next big thing for us to see or do. but one consistent dream of his has been to purchase a gorgeous yacht and spend a few years sailing around the world. and i, having caught the wanderlust at a young age, think the notion of sailing the world with the person you love most is not only exhilarating but romantic, am totally on board.

with the sale of our house becoming official at the end of this week, this really is the start of a new chapter. this being the case, we often notice that these dreams are not supported. why is this? this life is short and if we chose to sell up and give something a shot – what’s so wrong with that? you see, we figure we can have a mortgage at any age, get married at any age and while the thought of becoming parents isn’t in the forefront of our minds right now, we still have a few years where we feel its ok to be “baby-free”.

we want to make the most of being in our 20’s. we want to experience the amazing and unique things that may be extinct or uninhabitable in ten years’ time. if we are willing to take the risk, mix things up a little and get out there – why is the concept of being supportive so foreign to the ones we love the most? are our dreams to big? can a dream ever be to big?

is the idea of travel merely a dream?  if so – then we are dreamers in a world full of pessimists, that are too afraid to make their deepest wants, a reality.