Oct 22, 2013

definition of a flashpacker…

a debate i am opting to weigh in on as we head off on our next adventure. after travelling around asia for six months on a relatively small ($50aud) per  person per day budget, i never really saw us as the typical “backpackers”. while we were on a budget, we seemed to manage lovely private rooms with hot water and en suites. we dined on seafood and wine (where available). apparently that makes us flashpackers.

unfortunately for us, aussies have gained notoriety for being the loud, wife-beater wearing, inked up party animals – which is applicable for both men and women. so throughout our asian adventure we didn’t really fit the mould of the typical australian backpacker. case in point, we were probably part of an emerging group that we didn’t even know about.  

according to wikipedia (ahem a very reliable source of information…) “flashpacking is a neologism, a combination of flash, as in fancy, with backpacking, used to refer to an affluent backpacker. flashpacking has an association of more disposable income while traveling and has been defined simply as backpacking with a bigger budget.”

Further to this, an article published on the sydney morning herald says that “flashpacker is a fairly new term - used to describe independent travellers who journey in style. it applies to adventurous men and women, usually in their 30s, who have established careers and money to burn - the kind of people who won't just climb a mountain, they'll paraglide off it.”

this being the case, i am totally coveting this louis vuitton damier challenge backpack. with a recommended retail price of $13,000 it might be within the realms of my flashpacking budget… not! but with durable nylon canvas printed with louis vuitton's signature damier pattern, the pack comes with a sizable compartment featuring two interior pockets and a zipped one. expandable thanks to the elastic side panel, there is also a detachable a4 portfolio in epi leather, leather trims and polished metal hardware, we can oogle.