Jul 3, 2012

let the adventure begin...

after a relaxing few days in seminyak, we all headed to the mountainous region of ubud, from eat pray love fame. it is literally rice field upon rice field, bali flags, meandering rivers, delectable restaurants and more. after checking in to gaya fusion villas, even more spectacular in real life, we opted to relax by the pool and indulge in cocktails along with a delightful cooking class and a morning yoga class over looking the jungle.

we all parted ways on friday, sadly some headed home, some to the gili islands and for kurt and i, to scout a vehicle to hire. my task at the beginning of the trip was to organise the relaxing things to do with kurt having to occupy our time for five nights, toward the end of our trip. that being said, he bought a map, hired a bright red Suzuki jimney and toward the east coast we went. no plan.

our first nail biting journey was from ubud to candidasa. to give you a rough indication of how stressful it was being in charge of the map, i literally had peeled of all my nail polish and bitten off my finger nails in the first five minutes (given im not a nail biter, that’s quiet extreme). after going around in circles, taking a few wrong turns and asking directions we finally arrived in candidasa. while not a bad place overall, it definitely had that washed up feeling of a once bustling tourist town.

after nutting out our next stop, which was literally half way around the island, we began our drive to lovina, stopping in amed en route. a picture perfect town complete with local fishing boats lining the foreshore and a towering volcano. we arrived safely in lovina with not much to report, needless to say – we were glad to head out the next day.

the drive from lovina to ubud was insane. we were literally driving down winding dirt roads, alongside plummeting cliff faces and avoiding boulders, all the while making sure not to hit massive potholes or passing motorbikes. (for any friends and family that would like to know just how crazy the four-wheel driving was, just ask kurt to show you some of his videos). once we arrived in ubud, we were more than glad to take a load off, dining on some suckling pig at ibu oka and enjoying an evening of salsa dancing at the havana club; a real end to our little adventure. 

pics.  me at our ubud cooking class, a traditional balinese kitchen, kurt in the suzy, planning our route, sunset in candidasa, sunset in lovina and us enjoying dinner in lovina.