Aug 11, 2010

so fresh and so clean...

after roughing it for a few days we have finally arrived somewhere with hot showers, clean sheets and a pool. pheewww. the weather the past few days has been stifling and up until yesterday afternoon the beach wasn’t swimmer, nor jamee, friendly (waves too big). after residing in a beach bungalow at canngu for a few nights we decided to brave the crowds and head into kuta for a night. big mistake. with all recommended accommodation from the lonely planet guide fully booked, we decided to wing it and see what we could find. having had a few rather expensive days we needed to tighten our belts to stick within budget and ended up sleeping in a half construction site and half concrete three storey block. this place was not jamee or kurt friendly - needless to say half the night was sleepless and the remaining half was done with one eye open. we are now at the gecko inn at uluwatu which is an awesome and a nice change from last night.

pics from canngu.